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Bryansk 1943

25.05.2024 10:30 - 26.05.2024 12:00
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Bryansk 1943 is a slow paced World War II themed airsoft event with reenactment elements. It is not a casual weekend game with constants fighting and competition but more relaxed and atmospheric  experience with a lot of emphasis on immersion. We aim to spice things up with a mixture of larp elements, especially on Civilian and German side.

Beginners in WW2-airsoft are especially welcome:

- There are complete sets of equipment available to be borrowed from the gamemasters to equip players on the Soviet, German or Polish side.
- Equipment limits are loose. There is also a civillian/partisan side to the game, for which all you need is period-style civilian clothing.
- Players interested in larping can role-play as a local civilian, amidst the tension and mayhem of World War II.
- Feel free to ask about borrowing sets of equipment and carpools/rideshares on Discord.

Discussions about equipment, carpooling/ridesharing and other event related matters will mainly take place on the WW2/WW1 Airsoft Finland discord server:
Alternatively, there is also the Ww2 Airsoft Finland Facebook group:

The event will be a bit different for each faction:

German occupiers have orders to maintain most of the game area and most of the buildings and checkpoints fall under their jurisdiction. They are the main authority for all of the civilian populance and lord over them with an iron fist. Patrolling the local roads, maintaining camp sites, keeping civilian in line and at work are part of everyday action.

Red Army's unit aims to recon all of the German movements by any means they can. If an opportunity presents themselves, Soviets have a chance to surprise Germans with traps and planned ambushes but they do not have the manpower to capture and hold any objectives.

Partisans are a small group of survivors and locals, who aim to pester Germans with rash ambushes and sabotage. They lay tripwires and cause alarms by shooting at bases just lo lower German morale.

Civilian are local laborers and farmers, whom are original owners of most of the now occupied territories. Now they are labor for their masters and as long as they do as they are told, they are safe. Their life ranges from tolerable to miserable and for this reason some kind of drama is always right around the corner. At somepoint, it may be possible for civilians to join partisans.

Game fee

Game fee is 15€ for all excepts for Civilian players.
For Civilians, fee is 8€.
Payment with Mobilepay or with cash.


Bryansk, 200 miles from Moscow, 1943

German war machine has sustained heavy losses from the stunning defeat in Stalingrad earlier this year. For this reasons Wehrmacht has commenced a systematic retreat back to more defensible lines. Soviet command aims to exploits this situation to best of their ability but their troops and material are not yet ready for a mass counter-attack.

Small Red Army reconnaissance units have been deployed to probe German lines and report back their findings. An order has been given, that enemy contact should be avoided at all cost, because for now intelligence is more valuable than the death of a couple random German troopers.

Some survivors of the  Soviet 13th Army from 1941 and some local civilians have conducted partisans actions close to two years in the vicinity of Bryansk forest area. German command insist on eliminating this group for it interfering in the work of the occupational forces. Resources are scarce and the moral of the Wehrmacht's soldiers is low, which is why the order has been received more as an suggestion. Patrolling the area and keeping the local peace is dangerous enough already. Especially so, when the Germans depend on local farmers for provisions for their troops. Without them, Germans would have to rely only on Lutfwaffe for food and they would slowly begin to starve.


The equipment limits are very loose, in order to accommodate beginners who are even slightly interested in WW-airsoft. As a further reminder, feel free to ask for equipment on the WW2 Airsoft Finland Discord, the game management will be happy to lend you some.

Germany and Soviet Union
Minimum equipment
- WWII-model uniform
- Helmet/field cap/sidecap
- Belt and ammo pockets

Additional equipment (rewarded with a higher BB-limit)
+ Helmet instead of a hat!
+ Combat gear like  extra ammunition pouches, bread- or gas mask bags, an entrenching tool in its pouch, etc.
+ Other equipment, such as: For the Soviets, a “meshok” backpack, a “plash palatka” roll tent. For the Germans, an “A-frame” combat pack.

Players wearing additional equipment will be rewarded with a slightly higher BB-limit depending on the weight of the accessories carried. This is to encourage players to equip and dress in a more realistic fashion (for example wearing a helmet) rather than carrying as light and little equipment as possible as is common in airsoft.
Attention beginners! The Red Army kit is particularly inexpensive and easy to assemble, and can be used in the majority of events. Here is a guide to assembling a WW2 loadout written by me (in Finnish):

Equipment for civilians and resistance fighters
Minimum equipment
+ Old clothes resembling civilian clothing of the period.
+ All kinds of old-fashioned civilian props: bags, playing cards, haystacks, books... Period items or just civilian-themed things to do in the field.
+ Combat gear captured from the enemy, if you seek to fight.


- WWII-style weapons.
- Bolt action rifles with a wooden stock such as the VSR-10 are allowed as well, however, tactical rails should be removed or concealed, for example by camouflage.
Attention beginners! Snow Wolf's Kar98k is particularly good value for money, easily available from Europe, and suitable for all WW2/WW1 events:

Special roles

The game also features different roles like squad leader, platoon leader, medic, and also larp-themed roles for the civillians. Please contact the game management on Discord or Facebook if you are interested in any of these roles, or if you have any role suggestions for the event.

Arrival & Schedule

Saturday 25.5
10:00 -11:30 Opening of the area, arrival and registration for the game
12:00 Faction briefing
12:30 Moving to beginning area
13:00 Game begins
23:00 No fighting at proximity of faction bases

Sunday 26.5
08:00 Fighting continues
12:00 Game over


The event will use Turkusoft's game rules, with minor additions in the name of the theme of the game. The Turkusoft rules can be found here:

+ Gauze bandages are used to treat the wounded. Details of the distribution of bandages and possible medic roles will be decided on the day of the game according to the balance between the factions.
+ The helmet protects against artillery fire; the player is wounded instead of eliminated.
+ Use of own airsoft grenades and pyrotechnics is allowed, if the ground is not too dry. Smoke grenades must not produce white, orange or red smoke. Orange and red smoke are international distress signals and white smoke can easily be associated with fire.
+ Instead of “KNIFE” or “BANG” rules, use of safe rubber knives and other boffer melee weapons or slow-motion larp-style hand-to-hand combat are preferred methods of elimination for the sake of flair and immersion. However, remember to keep in mind the consent of both players, which will be clarified before the game.
+ The game has BB-limits, which limit the number of ammunition a player can carry on their person. Machine guns (e.g. MG42, Maxim) do not have a BB-limit. Players carrying a heavier amount of equipment will also have a slightly higher BB-limit, see "Gear”.
+ Rifleman is allowed to carry 80/120bbs, submachine gunner 250/350bbs.
+ The magazine capacity of automatic-firing weapons is limited. The magazine of a automatic-firing weapon may contain the number of ammunition + 10 BBs of the real weapon equivalent. E.g. MP40, 32+10 = 42 BBs per magazine.
+ There is no lunch break in the game. Consuming your own authentic food on the field is highly recommended.
+ There are players roleplaying as civilians in the game.
+ Roleplaying is especially recommended; for example, when taking a hit, grunt or scream in agony and remain on the ground as a suffering wounded trooper.

This event has already ended.

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