Taistelukenttä Kivitupa: Päivä Nolla


Taistelukenttä Kivitupa: Päivä Nolla

25.05.2024 11:30 - 25.05.2024 18:00
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In the year 20xx, during the era of Great Municipal Mergers, the small municipality of Kivitupa in the heart of Finland awakens from its sleepy peace. The natural resources found in the area attract investors and politicians, and the attention-dazzled mayor decides to declare the municipality independent to maximize resource utilization. This causes a political storm in neighboring municipalities and even arouses international interest.

Powerful factions, both national and international, emerge to influence the balance of power in the region. A mysterious mercenary group, quickly dubbed the "Koo Group" by the people, appears with the intention of thwarting Kivitupa's independence. Meanwhile, the Kivitupa administration is mired in scandals and unrest. However, the municipal decision-making bodies rise strongly in resistance, seeking allies at home and abroad. Kivitupa's quest for independence garners support almost globally.

Eventually, the conflict with the Koo Group escalates, affecting the security of the entire area. Kivitupa is now at the center of municipal politics, reflecting the complexity of international interests and the risks of the use of force. The fate of the municipality depends on how it can fend off the brewing turmoil at its borders and hold onto its own dreams and rights.

Sides of the Conflict:

Yellow Faction, the mysterious military group, the "Koo Group".

  • A hired army of unknown origin, whose interests lie in preventing Kivitupa's independence and transferring the region's natural resources away from the reach of the local residents.
  • The faction's tasks are more complex. Simply eliminating the enemy is not enough to win the game.
  • Yellow armbands. Preferably on both arms.
  • No equipment restrictions, military attire preferred.

Red Faction, Kivitupa Municipal Army

  • Nationalistic defenders and militia of Kivitupa. Fervent supporters of the mayor and ordinary street-level guerrillas who defend their municipality to the last (attacking) person.
  • The faction's tasks are simpler. The easiest path to victory is to prevent the opposing side from completing tasks by destroying them.
  • Red armbands. Preferably on both arms.
  • No equipment restrictions, free attire. It is recommended to avoid entirely camouflaged equipment and clothing.

General considerations:

Battlefield Kivitupa is a roughly six-hour narrative scenario game organized by Airsoft Kokkola, held at Airsoft Kokkola's well-constructed outdoor field. In the game, two factions battle for the fate of a fictional municipality in Ostrobothnia. The yellow faction plays a strongly mission-oriented game, while the red faction focuses more on destruction.

  • Date: May 25, 2024, from 11:30 to 18:00
  • Game area: https://airsoftkokkola.fi/yhteystiedot/#ajoohjeet
  • Parking available on-site, but carpooling is encouraged.
  • Price: 20€, payment on-site in cash or by card. Game fee includes a soup lunch.
  • Participation requires registration.
  • Airsoft Kokkola's game rules and directions to the field can be found at: https://airsoftkokkola.fi

Note! Games begin with organization and briefing at 11:30, so please arrive early to prepare before the game starts!

Please also note that the event will be played using semi-only rule. Full-auto is allowed for machine guns (MK43, MK46, PKM, etc.). Additionally, players under the age of 13 are allowed full-auto regardless of the weapon model.

Weapon power limits adhere to Airsoft Kokkola's rules, available at: https://airsoftkokkola.fi

During the games, photo/video is taken. Inform upon your arrival if you do not want to appear on social media in Airsoft Kokkola's publications. When you register, you give permission for your appearance in social media, etc. publications, unless you specifically deny this.

Airsoft Kokkola Association sells refreshments / coffee / sausages during the event. All proceeds from sales go to the association's activities. There may also be private companies selling products in the area.

This event has already ended.

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Yellow faction, the mysterious


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