Vaanija 4


Vaanija 4

05.10.2024 10:00 - 06.10.2024 17:00
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Vaanija 4 is an event with a strong emphasis on immersion, following the setting and lore of the video game series Stalker.

The event takes place in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in the year 2011. After the second Chernobyl incident, the laws of physics have begun to bend and completely shatter at places, and dangerous mutants roam the Zone. In the event, players assume the roles of various people wandering in the desolate Zone, in which each step may be the last.

The event takes place after the events of Vaanija 3, and continues the story where the previous event left off.

Vaanija has a multitude of special rules, so make sure you read the event's website carefully.
The event has its own Discord server for the purposes of news, discussion, and updates.

Signing up for the event will happen in phases:

  • On Saturday, 3rd of August, 20:00, half of the player slots will open.
  • On Wednesday, 7th of August, 20:00, another quarter of the player slots will open.
  • On Saturday, 10th of August, 20:00, the last quarter of player slots will open.

There are no additional openings planned for the event after these. In addition for signing up, filling the Character Sheet which can be found on the event website is mandatory for participating in the game. When applying for the factions Shamans, Traders or Ecologists, first fill in the Character Sheet which can be found on the website, and then contact the game organizers. When applying for the faction Monolith, first contact the game organizers.

The final faction sizes will be as follows:

  • Stalkers: 40 players
  • Freedom: 10 players
  • Bandits: 10 players
  • Mercenaries: 10 players
  • Monolith: 10 players
  • Shamans: 5 players
  • Traders: 6 players
  • Ecologists: 3 players

The participation fee for the event is 45 euros, which is to be paid in advance before the event, at the latest two weeks after signing up. Please note, that due to the investment-heavy nature of the event, all sign-ups are binding. If a player cancels their participation on 1.9.2024 or later, the player's participation fee will not be refunded.

The age requirement for participating in the event is 18 years. The language of the event is Finnish.

Ticket sales for this event will open in

03.08.2024 20:00:00

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