Dusk of the death


Dusk of the death

03.09.2022 15:00 - 04.09.2022 05:00
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Phone: 0400232630
Categories: Larp Rpg-oriented


Dusk of the death is a survival-themed airsoft game to be held in the autumn of 2022 in Vihtijärvi. The event is thematically a continuation of our first part in 2010. The plot of this event is loosely based on our Carrington 1 and 2 series.

There are two main factions to the event: Survivors and the Infected. Survivors are divided into groups based on teams/preferences. The groups in turn perform different tasks alone or with other groups in rounds. Depending on the stage of the event during a break between rounds, a group will either play as infected or takes a break. We ended up with a group-based implementation because we want to offer players a real sense of survivalism and loneliness.

The event also uses a capability system, which means that at the beginning of the game, players from the Survivors faction, for example, do not have the opportunity to use their own lights or night vision devices, but they must earn them through missions, for example. Other abilities on the infected faction, for example, include the ability to use airsoft guns.

If you have any questions, you can reach us the fastest by e-mail or on our Discord.

This event has already ended.

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