Ostrobothnia Airsoft Challenge vol. 2


Ostrobothnia Airsoft Challenge vol. 2

01.10.2022 16:30 - 01.10.2022 20:00
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Welcome to play games between the airsoft associations on October 1, 2022 at the Airsoft Kokkola field. The gates open at 16:00, games start at 16:30. We play short and fast-paced games. Registration through the Kuulaportti.

Teams Vaasa airsoft association, Team Pohjanmaa, Softaajat and Airsoft Kokkola.

The goal of the games is networking and getting to know other airsoft enthusiasts. So you can register for any team.

Team leaders
Vaasa airsoft assosiation - Lauri Heinonen
Team Pohjanmaa - Kim Ribacka
Softaajat - Jarkko Heikkilä
Airsoft Kokkola - Tero Isokangas

The games are free of charge. During the break, chicken soup (lactose-free) is offered for an optional fee. Proceeds will be used to pay for the pyrotechnics used during the games.

Please come on time!! Feel free to mark yourself according to the Team's color with armbands (both sleeves) in advance. Airsoft Kokkola offers tape etc. for marking if you don't have a sleeve band

The games follow Airsoft Kokkola rules (only in Finnish)

General considerations:
During the games, photo/video is taken. Inform upon your arrival if you do not want to appear on social media in Airsoft Kokkola's publications. When you register, you give permission for your appearance in social media, etc. publications, unless you specifically deny this.
Airsoft Kokkola Association sells refreshments / food with an offer. All proceeds from sales go to the association's activities.
There may also be private companies selling products in the area.

This event has already ended.

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