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Dogs of War

20.05.2023 10:00 - 20.05.2023 16:00
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DoW: King’s Ransom

Zaire, 1997

The time of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, who ruled the country as a sole ruler for three decades, is running out.
A few months have passed since the first movements of the AFDL troops in the eastern parts of the country - the border region against Rwanda and Burundi is now mostly under the control of the guerrillas and the pressure against the dictator of Zaire is increasing.
The operations of the Zairean Army (ZAF) to restore regional peace strained the tensions between the factions to the breaking point, until in October -96 the unrest escalated into direct military operations, spreading along the border, initially to the northern province of Kivu.
The most important city of the southern province, Kalemie, with its main railway, will soon be in the sights of the guerrillas. This chain of events is endangering the long-kept secret cooperation between Mobutu and the US intelligence service CIA, which helped him in power - Operation Cashier is under threat!

"Operation Cashier"

It is a fictitious operation based on a secret agreement between the CIA and the Zaire regime, which transfers funds - mainly gold, but also diamonds and other valuable minerals - out of Zaire through secret routes. Of course, part of it goes to the dictator's "pension fund", but a large part is allocated to the use of the CIA, to finance secret operations around the world. The center of the operation is the CIA safe house located near the town of Kalemi.
A surprise attack by AFDL guerillas at the beginning of 1997 in the direction of Kalemi forces the CIA to launch an emergency plan to empty the central warehouse.
King's Ransom describes the ensuing battles between the CIA's SAD group and the guerillas and freedom fighters operating in the area.
Equipment restrictions:
• equipment free, but it is strongly recommended to avoid 2000-l modern bulls (tactical helmets and all other glitter that does not fit in -90 Africa
• Those who participate in the game with period-appropriate equipment and weapons get special abilities


Choose a party according to what you want to do in the game!
In addition to combat, the yellow performs special missions, the solution of which requires more than just shooting.
Red team's missions are more straightforward combat missions (attack / defense).


The CIA's Special Operations Division, Special Activities Division task force and African mercenaries


Rwandan and Burundian army soldiers, guerrilla war veterans and freedom fighters.

Other game restrictions and rules:

• There will be tasks/scenarios in the game where only indoor effective weapons are allowed. Book one with you.
• Powerful Sniper Rifles and DMR-type weapons work in the game to a limited extent and, as a rule, only from fixed / separately designated shooting positions.

The game is a part of the Dogs of War game campaign that started in 2019 and continues the story: 

DoW: Wild Dogs, July -21, Kokkola, DoW: Red Rover, May -22, Kokkola and DoW: Rains of Africa, July -22, Keminmaa.

The game consists of separate, mutually influencing scenarios that form a coherent narrative entity.
The game will be played in Kokkola, on the Airsoft Kokkola playground, on Saturday 20 May 2023. There are no equipment restrictions in the game, the parties are marked with armbands. Game/tuning rules are Airsoft Kokkola's rules.
Game fee 30 EUR, paid on the spot (preferably in cash, flat money or bank card). The fee includes lunch on site. The game fee goes to the material used in the game and to the development of the game area built by Kokkola Airsoft ry and the activities of the association.
MilGear Finland supports the organization of the game.

Registration only via Kuulaportin. The game can accomondate 60 registered players. 
- Yellow team – CIA Special Activities Division team / mercenaries (30 players)
- Punainen team – FAZ / ADFLC guerillas (30 players)
If you show up to the game without registration, we cannot guarantee you participation to the game.

General considerations:
During the games, photo/video is taken. Inform upon your arrival if you do not want to appear on social media in Airsoft Kokkola's publications. When you register, you give permission for your appearance in social media, etc. publications, unless you specifically deny this.
Airsoft Kokkola Association sells refreshments / coffee / sausages during the event. All proceeds from sales go to the association's activities. There may also be private companies selling products in the area.

This event has already ended.

User details Faction Country Team


CIA Special Activities Division team / mercenaries


FAZ / ADFLC guerillas


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