Coastal Airsoft Conflict


Coastal Airsoft Conflict

19.08.2023 12:00 - 19.08.2023 17:00
Categories: Casual games


Airsoft Kokkola and Vaasa Airsoft Association are jointly organizing games at the Airsoft Kokkola field. The event will take place on August 19th from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM, with gates opening at 11:30 AM.

During the day, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy familiar games from both the Vaasa and Kokkola fields. The program includes, among other things, the Juggernaut game, Vaasa's traditional clock game, and many other exciting scenarios. The game moderators are from both Kokkola and Vaasa, ensuring high-quality game management and fun teamwork.

The participation fee for the event is €10, and it can be paid on-site either by card or in cash. The fee includes a meal, so you can enjoy the food provided during the day without any additional cost.

So, mark your calendars and come experience thrilling airsoft battles at the fantastic urban warfare area of Airsoft Kokkola. This is a great opportunity to meet new players and enjoy the shared passion for airsoft. Remember to arrive on time, so you have a chance to prepare before the games begin.

Welcome to a fun and action-packed day of airsoft!

General considerations:

During the games, photo/video is taken. Inform upon your arrival if you do not want to appear on social media in Airsoft Kokkola's publications. When you register, you give permission for your appearance in social media, etc. publications, unless you specifically deny this.

Airsoft Kokkola Association sells refreshments / coffee / sausages during the event. All proceeds from sales go to the association's activities. There may also be private companies selling products in the area.

This event has already ended.

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