23.-24.7.2016 | Ilveskallio, Hattula

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Two days of airsoft in Finland at Ilveskallio military training ground.

Battlegroup Parola airsoft-game tells about a fictional civil war happening in Finland. The event takes place in the battle of Uusimaa- and Pirkanmaa mechanized troops. There're also sightings of unindentified unit operating in the area.

Basic info

Playerlimitca. 600
Age limitUusimaa/Pirkanmaa: 17, Civilians: 16, Other sides: 18
Game areaFinnish defence forces Ilveskallio training area, Hattula (gamearea map)
Ticket price45€ (+possible optional extras)
TeamsUusimaa, Pirkanmaa, Civilians, Other sides

In the January 2018 state of Finland drifted into another civil war in its history while the political dispute divided the country into two factions escalating first from small skirmishes in a few weeks to a full-scale war. As the crisis built up civilian population and the Finnish armed forces were divided to support different factions.