23.-24.7.2016 | Ilveskallio, Hattula


Basic info

TSTOS Parola is a large two-day game with lots of different aspects of airsoft. Factions are lead by individually selected commanders who are chosen by the game masters months before the gamedate. Commanders can independently decide their faction's operations and groups/teams by using the resources offered by the game master.

The game starts on Saturday 23.7.2016 at 0100pm and ends on Sunday 24.7.2016 at about 0400pm.


18:00-21:00Check in
08:00-11:00Check in
12:00Faction specific briefings
13:00Game starts
03:00Game-off in all base areas
09:00Game-on in all base areas
16:00Game ends

Event information

What kind of a game is tstos parola?

  • TSTOS Parola is a combination of traditional airsoft, milsim and larp. The event is best compared to the Swedish Berget-games.
  • The game is on all the time(except during night time 0300-0900 the bases are offgame).
  • The game is not about fighting all the time as it also includes calmer phases so don't expect to shoot tons of bb's.
  • Players attend for different experiences so try to take it into account, especially when dealing with players such as civilians or other players with special roles.
  • Players should prepare themselves both physically and mentally since the game area is large and the length of the game is more than one day. Players should be prepared for long distances, a long time in the field, sudden weather changes, lack of sleep and have adequate food and water.
  • Players attending TSTOS Parola don't necessarily have to have lots of experience with airsoft or scenario games, but that in mind military service or other outdoor-activity experience, for example scouting, is advised. However we recommend new players with no experience to try out airsoft and participate in other games before TSTOS Parola.
  • The official language of the game is Finnish, but most Finns understand at least some English.

Command Structure

  • The game relies largely on the battalion commander giving commands and instructions to his subordinates: a company commander / team leaders. Company commanders/team leaders in turn share the tasks and instructions forward to their subordinates: groupleaders. Information flows from top to bottom and from the bottom up, leaders being intermediaries. For example if you or your group has an in-game problem etc., you must bring it forward through the team leader. Do not directly go to the battalion commander. By following the command structure you ensure that the battalion commander can focus on his main task and the problems/wishes that players have will eventually collectively flow along the command structure!
  • In the game every player belongs to a specific group, which has a leader, and players are expected to comply with the instructions/commands given by the leader. This is not a game for lone wolves!
  • If you / your team are not satisfied with something, discuss it with your closest leader.
  • However remember to keep in mind, that all the players involved in the event are attending on a voluntary basis and the purpose of the game is to have fun!


Faction leaders share all the tasks with their faction. Game masters give factions daily objectives(e.g. "control the town for 3 hours), rather than individual tasks(e.g. "go to the town, clear it, and set-up defences"). Other player characters in the game may also give players tasks.

Trustee players

  • Game masters can give players not part of Ehasa organization a trustee status before the event.
  • Trustee is a player playing normally on the field, but has also proven himself to Ehasa organization to be a reliable, conciliatory, smart player, who can also resolve unclear situations in the field when the game masters are not present.
  • Trustee players' commands must be followed, when there's no game master present at that moment.
  • Trustee players carry an ID-card stating their status.

Game masters

  • You can reach main game master during the event by telephone +358 400 232630
  • Game master HQ can be located on the map(the map will be updated more frequently before the event).
  • All factions (excl. blue) has a game master representative playing as part of the organization
  • Game masters can be identified from a yellow safety vest and "Game Master" ID-card.

Behavior while playing

  • When attending the event all players must comply with the Finnish laws and also generally good manners.
  • Keep in mind that some of the players may empathize while playing their role(especially players attending the civilian factions)
  • Shouting from not taking the hits is a solid way to kill the game mood! Instead inform the opposing party politely and if needed inform the game masters about the issue.
  • If a player is behaving inappropriately, please notify the game masters immediately.
  • Game masters have the right to give player a warning, or remove player from the game because of inappropriate behavior / abusing the rules.
  • In case of breaking the law (sabotage, theft, public disturbances etc.) game masters will notify the authorities.

Unclear game situations

  1. Stay calm, even if the other party does not.
  2. Try to settle the issue with the other party, seek to reach an agreement, and remember after all that this is not too serious hobby.
  3. If you fail to settle the situation with the other party, try to contact the game masters or a "Trustee" -player
  4. In extreme situations, write down the other party's player-ID found on the arm band and report the situation as soon as possible to the game masters.

Ticket prices

  • Organizing costs are relatively high in this type of event for example vehicles, electricity, gas and water must separately be brought to the area. Also tents, tanks/apc, cars, fuel, costs of communication-equipment etc. take a chunk of the income.
  • The duration of the event and the amount of players will also increase costs.

Sleeping in-game

  • Players can sleep at base in tents, in vicinity of a civilian village or separately agreed place by leaders.
  • Accommodation tents are off-game area. Only the HQ-tents are Ingame.
  • Sleeping in civilian buildings is permitted, but in this case off-game items etc. room/stash must be clearly marked being offgame area.
  • Players are not allowed to use off-game areas as hiding places or to shoot in / out. While exiting or going in to an offgame area you must state it clearly.

Hop-up adjusting

Both bases have an Hop-up adjustment range. Do not adjust the hop-up wherever you want so you do not cause an unnecessary defense alarm!

Water, electricity, food, toilets

  • Red and Yellow bases have water supply for players and electricity for the faction leaders to set up HQ-equipment and for recharging batteries.
  • "Tiirinkyl√§" civilian village has water supply and electricity available for use both by civilians and the UN / OSCE.
  • First aid will be available on game master HQ and at command tents at faction bases.
  • Players must bring their own food. Supervision is nessessary while using gas heaters. If it's dry the ground can easily catch fire!
  • Faction bases and most of the capture points will have garbage bags. Everyone is obliged to take care of their own trash.
  • In the game area you can find a few toilets. If a toilet is out of paper etc., please inform game masters.
  • We try arrange toilets to both main faction bases
  • Making fire in the game area is allowed only in designated fireplaces.

Accidents and first aid

  • In case of emergency call the emergency number 112, follow the instructions, and arrange guidance to the place where emergency is taking place and inform the game masters.
  • Remember to always try to contact the game masters about the emergency since we have better resources to deal with such case(for example arrange guidance or transportation etc..)
  • Game masters phone number: +358 400 232630
  • Game area address: Ilveskalliontie 157, Hattula, Finland
  • In less severe accidents call for game masters. We have a paramedic on the site.

Game Area

  • Finnish defence forces Ilveskallio training area
  • The active region has a size of approx. 625 hectars (6250000 Square meters).
  • Making fire in the game area is allowed only in designated fireplaces.


  • Guidance on parking for each faction will be revised prior to the event.
  • Game masters are not responsible in the parking of vehicles and property.
  • Parking off-game vehicles to the base of your faction during the game is forbidden!
  • Before the game and after the game, players can drive cars to the factions base in unloading / loading purposes.