23.-24.7.2016 | Ilveskallio, Hattula


Event rules are mainly the same as in Berget events. Still, read them carefully as there are small changes!

Eye safety:

  • Only approved safety goggles/masks (military grade and tested airsoft) are allowed in the event. No “rocket glasses” or poor airsoft goggles. Eye protection should be worn at all times during game time.
  • Ballistic glasses are only allowed for players over 18 years old. Using a mouth guard is recommended.
  • Suspicious safety equipment will be tested by game masters by shooting with at least a 3J weapon from a few centimeters (this is Finnish “standard”). Any broken equipment will not be refunded!

Game On/Game Off

The game starts by calling PELI KÄY/GAME ON and ends with PELI OHI/GAME OVER. The game may be called off under special circumstances (e.g. outsiders or missing eye protection) by calling PELI SEIS/GAME OFF. Upon hearing these, secure your weapon and hold your position until the situation is sorted out by game masters. The game resumes after calling PELI JATKUU/GAME ON. All above mentioned calls must be repeated by each player.


  • When you get hit, shout ”HIT!” or ”OSUMA!” out loud and/or act accordingly. After being hit, take out your big orange deadrag and place it so others can see it!
  • Obvious ricochets do not count (e.g. from walls behind you).
  • Hits to the player’s gun disable it. Fix your gun by visiting the main base or respawn point.
  • Hits to any equipment that the player is carrying are counted as normal hits.


  • A wounded player has 10 minutes to be healed before he bleeds out.
  • A wounded player can be knife killed with your hand. Shooting a wounded player on purpose is not allowed.
  • The wounded can call ”Medic” or ”Lääkintämies”, but can’t communicate about what happens around him.
  • Wounded player can be moved support from another players. Neither helper nor the wounded can use their weapons during movement


  • Player can be healed by friendly or enemy medics or civilian doctors.
  • Medics are allowed to carry a maximum of 10 field dressings at once. The medics have to bring the field dressings to the game themselves.
  • Field dressings can be restocked by visiting the main base or a respawn point.
  • There can be one (1) medic per squad and he has to have a medic patch/armband on his right arm.
  • Healing a wounded player takes 2 minutes (120 sec.). After that, both can continue normally.
  • Once healed, the player is out of the game when hit a second time.


  • Respawning happens at a friendly respawn point, a rally point –cache or in the main base in half hour intervals at xx:00 and xx:30 (e.g. 13:00 or 14:30).
  • Company and battalion commanders respawn times are double (respawn possible at the second available time)
  • Safety goggles must be worn when respawning.
Special rules for civilian, OSCE and UN players:
  • After getting treated by a medic, these players must get more treatment by a civilian doctor within 60 minutes or they will die from complications.
  • A civilian doctor’s healing takes 2 minutes and after that, these players must spend 15 minutes in the doctor’s reception before they can continue normally.
  • If these players die, they will respawn at a doctor’s reception or where a game master has instructed them beforehand.
  • Respawning happens 60 minutes after arriving to the doctor’s reception.
  • Players’ ingame characters remain ingame even if player dies, unless instructed otherwise.

Respawn and resupply points:

  • We will be using Ehasa made “point capture devices”. Picture will be published beforehand.
  • ”Claiming” takes 30 minutes, counting from when you press your faction button.
  • After 30 minutes, the device gives a voice signal and players have 1 minute to ”capture” the point by pressing your faction button again. After this, the point’s color is changed.
  • Information of claiming is transferred to status.ehasa.org after pressing the first time.
  • From Status.ehasa.org you can follow the capture points’situation.
  • Respawn point: Players can respawn from friendly respawn points.
  • Resupply point: After the resupply point is activated, it gives resupply points to the team controlling it every 60 minutes. These points help your team and commander chieve game master ordered goals. YOU CANNOT RESPAWN. from resupply points.


  • Rallypoints are respawnpoints which can be set up anywhere in the game area.
  • You can recognize rallypoints from small one man tents, colored tape around a respawn area and the faction flag on the tent. (Updated 7.6)
  • Rallypoints are exhausted with use. Inside the tent there is a respawn board where you mark every respawn you make. Respawning happens half hour intervals at xx:00 and xx:30 (e.g. 13:00 or 14:30). (Päivitetty 7.6)
  • You can destroy enemy rallypoints by stealing the resourceboards. You can use the boards in your team own cache. (Updated 7.6)

Ingame money:

There will be ingame money which is mainly used by civilians but regular players might get their hands on it in certain missions.

Knife kill:

  • For anything else than knife killing a wounded player, you need real looking SOFT REPLICA knife or blade weapon.
  • Touch the target softly with your replica knife and say “Puukko” or “Knife kill”.
  • A knifed-killed person moans quietly and lies still for 10min unless he is knifed again. This way larp-murders are harder to do in ”public”.

Knock out:

  • Knock out is a good option to handle a person that you don’t want to eliminate.
  • Sneak up behind your target, touch his head and say ”Knock Out” or ”Tainnutus”
  • The target falls to the ground quietly and stays still for 5 minutes.
  • After this, the target wakes up but does not remember anything from the last 5 minutes.
  • Players wearing helmets cannot be knocked out.

Suicide- and IED bombs:

  • Game master appoint the use of suicide and IED bombs.
  • Explosion of bombs can be noticed by hearing a loud explosion, by seeing pyrotechnic effects and from smoke grenades.
  • The user of the bomb informs which players around him are wounded.
  • The bomb affects an area of about 10x10 meters
  • Suicide bombers have same hit rules as any other players. Wounded suicide bombers can’t trigger the bomb.

Searching a player:

Players can be searched in the following ways:

  1. The player doesn’t want to be searched. The player must surrender all ingame material and he can’t use any hidden weapons after it.
  2. The player wants to be searched, even strip searched. The subject is informed that he can stop the search at any time by saying so. All weapons not found in the search can be used by the player.
  3. The player doesn’t want to be searched and wants to go offgame. The player must surrender all ingame material and he cannot be taken prisoner.
All ingame material found in the search can be taken away from the player.


  • You are allowed to take prisoners. Prisoners can be interrogated, you can ask ransoms or even execute them.
  • If a player is taken as prisoner, his weapon can be confiscated if he’s ok with it. If the player grabs the weapon back, he can use it. Another option is to wrap some colored tape (ex. red) around the barrel to mark the weapon as confiscated.
  • If a prisoner escapes/is released, he can use his taped weapon/s after 5 minutes.
  • Prisoners can knife kill only with soft replica knives but may knock out normally.
  • Prisoners’ weapons cannot be used by other players.


  • Anything that makes a noise of sets of and effect by some sort of trigger/trap can be used as landmines.
  • If you trigger this kind of landmine, everyone in a 3 meter radius gets wounded.
  • Possible waste from the landmine should be taken away before setting them up or after they have been set off.

Hand grenades:

  • Commercial BB-grenades which wound players by hits of BB’s can be used.
  • Loud banging grenades can be used. You must remember to inform the players near you before throwing a grenade! (Updated 20.7)
  • The only voice grenade which players can use is Berget Events B.A.P.S. –grenade or its replica.
  • BAPS works only in houses and tents. It affects only one room. Between rooms there has to be a clear doorway, just one wall is not enough. A detonated BAPS grenade makes a noise for 10 seconds. During that time everyone in the room gets wounded.
  • When the voice stops, you can move inside and the owner can pick up the grenade and reactivate it.

Anti-tank mines:

  • Anti-tank mines are coloured frisbees with Ehasa texts/logos. They are given to players by their commander and their number is limited.
  • Anti-tank mines are used to prevent vehicles from using roads.
  • If a vehicle by accident drives over a mine, it is destroyed along with everyone inside. It cannot be repaired or passangers healed.
  • For a road to be completely blocked, the mines have to be place so that the vehicles cannot bypass them.
  • It takes 1 minute to set up or disable one anti-tank mine.
  • Only players with ”Engineer”-patches can set up/disable anti-tank mines. Requirement for an engineer patch is that it must contain a symbol of a wrench. Ehasa will have a limited amount of patches to sell (Updated 7.6)

Locked rooms:

  • There can be doors which are covered with a big X. These doors are locked and cannot opened without an ingame key.
  • These doors can be broken/blown up by props which are handed out by the game masters. Breaking the door can be done by an “Engineer” and it takes 2 minutes to do so. Blowing up must be done in supervision of a game master.
  • It is forbidden to shoot out of a locked room.


  • There will be ingame and offgame vehicles.
  • Offgame/destroyed vehicles are marked with a big orange flag and its hazard lights are on.
  • Ingame-vehicles are marked with their faction flag (40cmx20cm) which is seen from every direction and smaller flag on the windshield/bumper.
  • Max. speed for vehicles is 30km/h.
  • You need to be extra careful when near vehicles
  • There may be tracked vehicles in the game. DO NOT go near these vehicles when their engine is running unless instructed otherwise by the crew.
  • Passengers of vehicles cannot shoot from holes smaller than their head (e.g. between wood boards) and it is the responsibility of the owner to cover these.
  • If you want to shoot from the windows, they must be fully opened and taped to stay in place.
  • Enemy vehicle doors cannot be opened to prevent accidents.
  • Players can bring their own ingame-vehicles. All vehicles must be approved by a game master before event. Send a picture of your vehicle to game masters email: [javascript protected email address]
  • If you wish to bring own ingame-vehicle you must sign a release form in which you accept the possible damages caused by bb's or other projectiles to your vehicle. (Updated 7.6)

Destroying vehicles, fixing them and vehicle respawn:

Updated 7.6

  • Hits to the vehicle’s gun turrets will NOT destroy the gun. Normal hit-rules apply for the gunner (Updated 13.7)
  • The vehicle itself can be destroyed by hitting it with 40mm TAG Paladin color powder grenade. You can either rent from Ehasa or buy them yourself.
  • When the powder grenade hits the front of the vehicle(preferably the drivers side window so it can be noticed) it'll be destroyed.
  • Heavily armored vehicles, such as tanks must be hit twice (Updated 13.7)
  • When a vehicle is destroyed, the driver presses the horn for a few seconds, turns on the hazard lights and raises the orange flag.
  • When a vehicle is destroyed, also the driver and gunner are eliminated and cannot be healed. Everyone else has 15 seconds to disembark from the ”burning” vehicle before they are also eliminated.
  • After the vehicle is destroyed, it should stay still at the road for 10 minutes before it can start going back to the main base for respawn. The driver must be seated in the drivers seat so he can move the vehicle in case it blocks an offgame-vehicle.
  • Destroyed vehicles can transport eliminated players.
  • Destroyed vehicle can be repaired by an engineer who must touch the hood of the vehicle for 15 minutes. After that the vehicle is repaired and can continue playing.
  • If the car chooses to respawn it must return to its base where there is a separate respawn for vehicles. At the vehicle respawn site there is a board saying how long the respawn time is for vehicles. The respawn time is affected by the number of controlled supply points. Default respawn time is 1 hour.


Pyrotechnic devices are only used by game masters. Eventual need of ear protection will be indicated in advance by game masters.


  • The factions may have the ability to use a limited amount of artillery.
  • Artillery is ordered through the chain of command. By request, the game masters use pyrotechnics, smokes and other means to describe the artillery.
  • Game masters point out those wounded by the artillery as well as when it begins and ends.

Airborne troops:

  • The factions may have the ability to use a limited number of “helicopter rides” which they can use to transport troops to anywhere in the game area.
  • Players are transported by a game masters off-game vehicles to the desired drop point.
  • Players are back ingame, when they disembark the vehicle.
  • If a helicopter lands near the enemy main base, the enemy HQ will be informed by game masters with a 3 minute delay.


The game masters may use a UAV/Drone in offgame/ingame activities. You can’t shoot or try to bring down the drone in any way.


  • You may use your own VHF/UHF/PMR446- radios so bring one with you.
  • Because the game area is big, it is recommended to bring a GSM phone so you can communicate and follow the status.ehasa.org website as well as call for help in case of an emergency.
  • Every faction can plan their own communication network together with the game masters.
  • Radio intelligence is not restricted but interference is prohibited.
  • Game master are looking at possibilities for setting up UHF repeaters in game area.


  • Armbands must be at least 3,5cm wide, preferably 11cm so you can be identified better. They must go around the arm, just a patch is not enough.
  • Your ID number has to be marked on you armband. You will get your ID number from the game masters after signing up to the event.
  • You must keep your armband visible on your left arm. Only reconnaissance units and players wearing ghillie-suits can wear the armband on their left ankle.
  • Company and battalion commanders will have a special patch, which will be provided by game masters before the game. Pictures of these will be released before the game.

Uniform rules:

  • Red (Uusimaa) faction: Marpat, Cadpat, Vegetato, Multicam, Multicam Tropical, MTP, AOR 2, Digital Flora, ATACS FG, M90, M05, M91, M98, M84, M62.
  • Yellow (Pirkanmaa) faction: Flecktarn, DPM, Partizan, Flora, OD (Od, Od-Gorka, RG), Woodland (US, PL, CCE), Australian DPCU, Belgian woodland, Tigerstripe.
  • Blue (Unkown) faction: Any. Preferred that squad members have same.
  • The use of any other camouflage is forbidden. You can mix the ones allowed for your faction.
  • Guns, accessories (ex. gloves) and combat equipment can be in any camouflage. It is recommended not to use enemy colors to prevent friendly fire.
  • Full ghillie suits/jackets/trousers can be used only by Red’s, Yellows’s reconnaissance platoon and Blue’s players. The background camouflage of these can be any, but using the camouflage of your own faction is recommended to prevent friendly fire.

Muzzle velocity limits:

  • Regular full auto weapons: 1.7 Joules
  • All support weapons (light/heavy): 2 Joules
  • Semi-automatic sniper rifles: 2,5 Joules
  • Heavy semi-automatic sniper rifles (ex. M83 barret or similiar): 3 Joules
  • Bolt action sniper rifles: 4 Joules
  • Full auto is not permitted in close quarters combat!
  • Owners of weapons over 1.7 Joules MUST HAVE a secondary weapon (preferably less than 1 Joule) for close quarters combat.
  • High Power Air-guns must be chroned by game masters and their adjustment valve will be sealed!
  • GUNS ARE CHRONED WITH THE BB’S OF YOUR CHOICE AND THE OUTPUT IS CALCULATED IN JOULES! (Finnish standard)! Berget Events use different way which enables using more powerful weapons than ours!

BB and magazine limits:

  • Support weapons: Drum/boxmagazine without bb limit or 100bb’s per regular magazine.
  • Semi- or bolt action sniper rifles: 30 bb’s/magazine
  • All other weapons: 100 bb’s/magazine.
  • Hi-Cap magazines are not allowed expect support weapons’ drum/box magazines or guns which don’t have commercial made regular magazines for sale.
  • In addition to the magazines you are carrying, you can carry 1200 bb’s (5000 support weapon users) in bags/bb loaders. You can restock bb’s at your base.


  • Faction main bases (expect Blue’s) and villages in the game area are offgame during 03:00-09:00.
  • Players’ tents are OFFGAME. Only the HQ tent is INGAME all night and it is marked with a faction color flag.
  • Some houses or rooms in the village may also be OFFGAME. In these cases, the house/room is marked with colored tape and OFFGAME signs.
  • Players cannot use OFFGAME areas to hide or shoot outside/inside them. To eliminate players in an OFFGAME room/tent, clearly inform them that they are eliminated. After this, players inside must place a deadrag in the doorway for others to see.

Other rules

  • Shooting through holes smaller than your head is not allowed!
  • Blind firing is not allowed! You must see where your barrel pointing.
  • There can be extra rules and game mechanics which apply only to certain missions, players or LARP-situations. In case of such situations, instructions will always be available. Act accordingly and be ready for anything!